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WCS – Is there an echo in here? Please explain your duplicate comment, and what the current school of thought it for successfully marketing your work. You’re obviously very successful as a photographer, correct? And I’m sure you’ll provide a link to your site, right? Perhaps you’re one of those photographers so caught up in technology, you are missing the bigger picture. HDR is something we used to do with a split neutral density filter, but now anyone with a digital camera and computer can recreate. Mastering that may give you a great sense of accomplishment, but that doesn’t mean your portrait clients are going to ask for it.

I’ll meet you halfway, and rephrase my comment. The Facebook page is a marketing tool – images with a purpose, not necessarily my “best work”. But it’s all I have right now, other than some large prints, which are not current. Getting paid for my work is easy enough, but I’m here because I want to improve my product. Do you have anything to offer in that respect?