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emf – your comments are absolutely valid, and appreciated. I think what some people on this forum might be missing is that “good” photography doesn’t have to mean “fine art” photography. We have all seen photos that are perfect in every technical aspect, yet lack any sort of emotion. And being successful commercially requires both.

Step back a bit, and look at my Facebook page not as an online portfolio, but as a marketing tool. Although I did link to it from this site, everyone else who views it is not doing so with the critical eye of a photographer. They’re comparing it to “their uncle with that fancy (digital Rebel) camera”, or other local photographers. If I want to make money from my work (which isn’t a concern right now), I don’t need to compete with you guys, I only need to be better than my competition.

You don’t have to like the graphics or the backdrops either. I put those out there to gauge the response from prospective clients. If no one likes them, they’ll go away. If the response is positive, then I will have to make decisions on whether I want to spend more time taking photos, or processing images. Personally, I would rather take photos. But business stagnates without some market research and experimentation.

I’d be interested in reading what other members do as far as marketing, and how they find new clients.