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@thewestbackline – I don’t disagree about the dance photo. That photo was shot with my 17-40, and as much as I prefer shallow DOF, it’s not always possible with that lens. The chairs at the edges are a mess too. No one caught the blown out church steeple growing out of the groom’s head, but I think we can agree that photo would have been better served by a longer lens/wider aperture.

The blown out photo of the groom? Yeah, looks like some bad old family print off Kodachrome, but the bride liked that look. (I’m not someone who considers blown out, contrasty photos “art”, but there was a time when some considered that to be) Probably a bad choice for inclusion.

In the photo of the bride and groom where her dress is blown out, you see a dress with no highlight detail. The bride, groom, and all of their friends see a creeper best man photobomb, and they loved this image because of it. Would anyone want a print of this? No. But they’ll acknowledge that I caught the little moments that made their wedding memorable. There’s nothing special about this image either, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=613785111998860&set=pb.591852427525462.-2207520000.1383985382.&type=3&theater, but it serves the same purpose.

We should all strive for technically perfect photos, but not at the expense of missing the “decisive moment”.