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I’m not a wedding/event/portrait photographer so take my advice with a grain of salt!  But here are my suggestions.

I think one the biggest issues with your event photography is your use of DOF – everything seems done with a very tight aperture so your subjects aren’t isolated.  Shallower DOF would make your photos seem much more professional and less like they’ve been done by someone with a point & shoot on auto.

Also your framing – here’s an example of a shot that’s (a) way too wide and (b) has way too deep DOF so your eye really isn’t drawn to the subject of the shot.  Most photographers would crop this way tighter and use a much shallower DOF.


Also looks like you were stuck shooting in some pretty harsh mid-day light – but there’s still some pretty hardcore blown-out / overexposed shots like these ones:



I would consider culling the shots you share on facebook a bit – not many people are going to want to pay for the kind of shots i’m highlighting (I wouldn’t).