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you invited opinions and criticism from the people on this public forum. You said “feel free” and out right asked, knowing full well we don’t hold back here.

Quit with the temper tantrum name calling, it makes you look silly.

So only snap shots for the past 10 years, and you’ve been shooting digital for the past 13 years. So you have about 3 years of broken experience shooting seriously in this medium? Maybe more time behind the camera is what you need? Then again, rpg has only been shooting a matter of months, and seems to have a better handle on things and a better understanding than yourself. So maybe time in is irrelevant? Not that I disagree with your critique you gave to rpg’s photos, and I’m sure he will take note even though he thinks your work is bad. your criticism was spot on, and holds merit, and I’m sure he can see that. (If not, wake up rpg) This is why I’d put my money on him if this was a race to become a competent professional photographer.

But, what do I know? I’m just an amateur who’s only been shooting about three years (or maybe it’s four now? I don’t know, I don’t keep track of things that don’t really matter to my photography) You can go ahead and discount my critique as well because I am not a pro, and other than a collection of conceptual portraits I’m working on, and family/friends for fun, portraits aren’t what I shoot. Plus, I have really bad eyesight to boot.

Camera clicker, you rock! Seriously you are such a cool dude, and you are so much help. Thank you for all the knowledge you share with us. I get so much from your posts, but you were way too generous here. I think I know of the type of photographers you speak of. the “workman” type. Their work is consistent, reliable, clean, and no nonsense. They know how to work in shitty light, and when confronted with it, they problem solve, and they sure as hell don’t create shitty light. No fru fru artsy fartsy, WOW! In your face, just straight up good clean stuff. I have the utmost respect for them. And out of all the photographer friends I have made during this time in my life, that handful of togs are the most helpful, and most critical. They are who I turn to when I have a technical type problem or any sort of confusion. Absolutely none of them would want their work to be grouped up with Brian’s work. I just don’t see what you are seeing. Unless I somehow misunderstood the type of professional you are speaking of?

Brian, please don’t charge these people you will be practicing on. It’s just not right. This type of thing is why this site was created in the first place. Please reconsider And wait until you have a better handle on things