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I know I am not a fauxtog, and I probably put this post in the wrong section, I just wanted feedback and advice on my work.

I think you’re right, you are not a fauxtographer.


I like how you get down low with kids. This gives a better feeling of immersion. On some poses, though, you might need to get back a little farther.


I hate doing shots like that one. Besides worrying about heavy distortion, you need to clean the bottom of the shoes.


You really have a lot of cute shots. I see you like working the shallow DOF on some portraits, but I like seeing both eyes in focus.



Why is this one so noisy? Did you shoot it at ISO 3200 or something?



I like this shot a lot, and the drama you have going… but I have some questions about the pose. It seems like a very masculine image with a feminine pose. The lines are really good, though.



I’m not here to stroke your ego or pander to your confidence issues, but I didn’t see a single image I had any real problem with. Your kid shots are great. The only suggestions I have for you is to use your DOF preview button on portraits, and think about your crops a little more. Most of your crops were fine, but I thought several could be better.