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Sarcasm Alert!

You totally flunked the fauxtog test. Nothing I saw even remotely resembled true fauxtography. Where are the unnaturally posed newborns, babies on railroad tracks in velvet chairs and washed-out children with glassy eyes? I also subtract points for everything being in focus or appropriate use of creative focus. The sailor kiss shot should definitely be close up, in an insignificant grass field or a graffiti-laden alleyway. There was a total lack of tackiness.

Honestly, though, I only glanced quickly, but they appear to be lovely shots. Yeah, you could tweak your technical settings, but — couldn’t we all? ┬áTiny, little tweaks (i.e. horizon on San Diego Sunset, overprocessing/tone work, etc.) Very difficult to tell if the distortion is intentional on a couple of other shots.

You may not be at a pro level, but you are far from faux.