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Brutal honesty coming up, please put on your helmet…:P Your lighting, toning and white balance are all terribly inconsistent. The use of flash is very obvious and harsh in a lot of your pictures.

Nude shot: good idea, badly executed. The window is distracting and her skin looks a bit rough due to the b/w processing.

Portrait of kid on a stump: Looks out of focus, it’s somewhat too dark and there are terrible shadows around his eyes and mouth.

One-year-old shot: flash on baby’s face is obvious and harsh and his legs are nonexistent.

Beach picture: just looks like any run-of-the-mill casual snapshot.

Children kissing: bad composition, too much tilt, horrible processing.

Helicopter: sky’s blown out while most of the helicopter is too dark.

Bridal picture: love the macabre idea, but the execution doesn’t carry it off. Obvious and harsh flash, looks like she’s just lying on some random concrete block. Doesn’t give any visual appeal to the idea.

I can apply some of everything I’ve said to the album you’ve linked as well.

Now for some good news! This is one of your very best shots: http://tinyurl.com/agy8yj4 Good separation of subject/background, nice blurred tree with visual interest. Like the composition. A reflector would help eliminate the shadows on the face and let you bring down your exposure a tad. He’s just a bit too bright in some spots, and a little bit too pink/cool. But you want your pictures to look more like this one and much less like the others.

Ditch the weird color tones, like the green on the picture of the children kissing. That’s a hallmark of a beginner photographer who’s trying too hard to be artsy. There are moments when color toning is appropriate, but they are few and far between when it comes to portraiture.

I apologize for having a lot of negative things to say, but I want to be honest because it’s obvious that you truly love photography and want to do this for a living. Just keep working at it! 🙂