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Watch your separation  on this one : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=468726036497706&set=a.381807888522855.76939.303749592995352&type=3&theater

He starts to fall off into the background. Also I’m scared for him, because of the tilt, looks like he’s about to fall off the world. It also feels really warm, not sure if you’re shooting with tungsten or what but his face is going towards orange in the shadows. Try putting a rim light or back light on him to pull him off the background


Tilt again. It’s disconcerting for me, which is what ‘dutch’ angles are meant to do, cause unease. Also Zombie children. Green is rarely flattering for a skin tone. If you want monotone color, try for a light handed blue monochrome look instead. It will feel a little cool, but I generally find blues to be more appealing then reds/sepia. Might be personal opinion, since I do have a real obsession with (light) blue monochromes haha.


It’s a little bit cliche, adn it’s tilted again, but her ruffles are really blown out, and her face is darker then her arms. Generally, our eyes will go to the brightest area of a photo. That’s the ruffly things. It’s also hard to tell cause freaking facebook, but her face doesn’t look very sharp either. Try working with the composition of this, as that angle isn’t the most flattering.


Those are the only ones of what you picked that I had anything to say 🙂