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Thank you eyedoc and cameraclicker

Cameraclicker- I have actually started to step down aperture for most of the kids’s portraits to somewhere between 2.2 to 2.8 for most of their stuff. Pretty much for the same reasons you state. The photo of my middle kid, I see what you are talking about with it looking like bath water up to her chin. I laid my 3 month old in the same spot, only shot with a 35mm so it’s not so in her face, and with my speedlite bounced off both the wall behind me and also the wall closest to the top of her head. No matter what, that shadow was there to stay. It was just flat out bad lighting on my part when I should have looked for different spots to stick her on the bed in relation to the light. For sure I definitely need to watch my light more. I think it’s time I did the egg challenge instead of just watching the video.

Next time we go to the zoo I will definitely get the falcon with narrower aperture and wider DOF again. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

I also took some indoor and outdoor stuff today and will try and post some of that to my flickr when I get my computer back from the kids later. Thanks again!