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I think you should stop down a little from f/1.8 and step back slightly.  In photos like this one


you have extremely shallow DOF and focus is off just enough to affect the photo.  The iris is not sharp.  Open the original and look at an eye at 100%,  run a sharpening tool over the eye, the lashes are very sharp, but the eyes are not.

The shadow around the chin is affected too.  It looks like the head is in bath water and it is up to the chin!

The closer you are to your subject, the less DOF you will have, and the larger your aperture, the less DOF you will have.  Too close and you will tend to get distortion because things closer to the lens will appear larger.  It makes the nose prominent.


The eagle photo, DSC_0755, has the same problem.  You were further away, but at 200 mm, you still have a shallow DOF which makes the foreground feathers out of focus which detracts from the photo.   In this case, ISO 800 and f/8 might have given a better photo.