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I definitely think you have some work to do. You have a lot of harsh shadows from using a flash too hot and too close. I think you’re using your on-camera flash; avoid that. Quite a few shots are done in mid-day, and you’ve attempted to save that by putting your families in the shadows of a tree, but you end up with over-exposed backgrounds, and / or underexposed people.

In this one, the lighting is harsh, but worse, the child’s back is turned. That’s an “oops, delete,” shot, not a post-online shot.

Likewise, this one. It’s a snapshot. Mid-day sunlight is harsh, and only one person’s face is fully visible. (Profiles are not generally flattering.)

I assume you cut out the background on this. The posing is snap-shot-ish, and the lighting is poor; the photoshopping is sloppy especially along the child’s right arm. I think I see some odd clone-stamp artifacts on her left arm, too.

In the green-kissing-children pic above, the angle is fine to me, but the cut-off feet bother me. Take a little more time to set up your shot. You DO have some good shots, so you can do it. Right now, you  need to learn to make the good shots consistently, to make them the rule, not the exception, and to delete more shots.

Sorry to be harsh; I think you have promise, but you’re not ready to go pro yet. Good luck!