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Why do you have so many photographs that you didn’t create all over your Facebook business page?  Why would you use other photographer’s work to advertise/market your photography?




Then here on your packages page

Packages and Pricing

You are using a photograph that isn’t yours to advertise an add on service.  Then when I click to get more info

I see you have images that have been edited and a watermark added that you found on the internet somewhere.


One of your last shared albums on your social media was this


I’m not impressed.  So many technical problems.  They look sloppy and careless, and the skin tones are amazingly bad.  You definitely took more time and care with other couples in your port.

If this was your last wedding…ewwwwwww

Your portfolio as a whole is very inconsistent.  Your clients seem to be playing the lotto as far as quality goes.  I don’t think you are inept, but….with the copyright infringement found, and so many bellow average shots among the mix… eh… I know most people I know would steer clear, and think something is fishy.  It gives me the feeling that if I dug more I’d find even MORE photos that don’t belong to you, and all you’d be left with is eh, and ho hum blah shots.



You need to clean up.  Remove all the images that you didn’t create.  Not only is it against the law to do what you have been doing, it’s unethical as hell, and misrepresents your photographic services.  I have zero tolerance for this.  It’s just so wrong on so many levels.

Then you should cull your port a bit.  I don’t know if the lower quality photos were photos taken in the past before you started to improve, or if they truly are a reflection of what you currently create.  If the eh shots are what best represents your work, I guess no cull is necessary.  If not… well.. You should strongly consider removing them.


As things stand right now you are a fauxtographer.  Anyone that uses other photographer’s work to promote themselves doesn’t value what they do very highly, and in turn they don’t really care for their clients either.  The inconsistency in what I believe to be your real work, just helps confirm my feelings

Thumbs down for me