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Okay, I checked it again, and not seeing the drug ad.

Sorry if I sounded a little overbearing from that last post, but sometimes people ask for opinions and are just trying to get links for whatever reason.

Okay I see the images now.  I use a Mac and Google Chrome as my browser.  The funny thing is that I also use the chrome extension AdBlockPro, so there may have been a redirect script hidden somewhere within your web page or someone changed your text on your page.  The page where the ad generated from was the link from your “Outdoor Portraits” thumbnail.

Now, when I click on every thumbnail except “Weddings in Santorini”, “Asian” and “weddings in Patra” I see the an all white page with a single line of text that reads:  “Professional Photography Services in Greece. We are a licensed photography company. You are always welcome to visit our Studio and meet our creative team. E-mail: info@studiokristo.com” Not sure if you just don’t have content to fill in for those pages or maybe there is a link issue or what, it may be frustrating for some visitors who want to see those images.

The links are:
Pre Wedding
Honeymoon Photography
Family Photography
Pre Wedding
Christening Baptisms
Orthodox Weddings
Weddings in Folegandros
Weddings In Athens

For your Home page, you need to fix those links, many of the images that are being displayed on your Home page take you to that plain white page with that single line of text when someone clicks on the image.  Not good.  It will only make people angry and force them to leave your site.  Your site is your retention tool, the longer a user stays on it, the more likely they are to become a client.


As for your photos, I see many that are typical decent wedding photography material, some are questionable and few have some technical issues like cropping or selective color and such.  I saw the image that CC stated in the previous post, The Asian couple on the red quad, though the photo is not bad, just the crop steers the audience in a direction that is counter productive to the image.

Overall, you’re definitely not a faux but you do tend to include some images that should not be put together on a portfolio like the ones that CC mentioned earlier about being the same image in different processes.

The image of the woman on the tracks, confused me.  I can see that she is cut and pasted onto the tracks, or so it appears that way, but the title and allure of the image is strange, well for me it is.

Your web site has a unique flow to it, that may be good and bad at the same time.  Some pages tend to seem very “Busy” and looks like you or whoever designed it was trying to fill the “white space”, sometimes less is more.  Best thing is to have someone evaluate your site to better optimize it.

And do you have a mobile version of your site?  I did not find one and it took my Galaxy Note 4 almost a full minute to load on wifi, longer on my mobile broadband with full bars.  Something to consider since many of us tend to mobile compute nowadays.

Hope that helps