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I didn’t see any add.  I’m using Firefox and this link:  http://www.studiokristo.com/.

I checked your About page and saw this:

I have studied photography at the University of Athens. It really doesn’t matter if I have graduated with great honors, since I have been studying photography my whole life. When I was 20, I won the first price award at a national level contest of photography with the subject: THE DRUGS AND HOW THEY AFFECT OUR LIVES.

I suppose it depends on your clientele, but I would say I get a very negative message from the entire paragraph!  To me, it matters that you took formal classes, and washed out.  Also, “THE DRUGS AND HOW THEY AFFECT OUR LIVES.” may very well be about flu vaccine and penicillin or insulin, but the title conjures up images of illicit drugs.  So it all seems very negative.

In your blog, at “Lovers return to the scene of first sight – Let the honeymoon begin” , I can’t get my eye off the front of that red vehicle, and it doesn’t help that it’s arranged to seem like they are about to crest some great hill.

Also, in your blog, at “An attractive woman in an abandoned railway graveyard – Childhood revisited”, the first problem is it looks like the model is praying for a quick death when the train runs her over, and the second is that I’m confused that a train in Greece has a Canadian National logo on the front!

The Oct. 27, 2014 entry of the two in bikinis, has a cropping problem.

At http://www.studiokristo.com/weddings-in-athens-greece/athens-greece-wedding-%CF%86%CF%89%CF%84%CE%BF%CE%B3%CF%81%CE%AC%CF%86%CE%BF%CF%82-%CE%B3%CE%AC%CE%BC%CE%BF%CF%85-%CE%B1%CE%B8%CE%AE%CE%BD%CE%B1/ , scrolling down to the two below the couple on the bench, they are a colour and B&W photo of some woman’s breast!  With a bouquet in the corner.  Tell us why you think that was a worthy photo to include.  Why are you showing us both colour and B&W images of the same shots?

I clicked on Celebrities, and the grey left panel said:  “Award-winning photography in the studio and on location for over 15 years. “!  I’m surprised your top package is 750 Euros, and I’m surprised and saddened the image quality is more in line with your prices than stated experience.