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One of the latest is sponsored by Fuji.  http://stopstealingphotos.com/fay-andrea-london-england-united-kingdom/#more-5802 How did that happen?!  Why didn’t they look first?!

Sponsored by Fuji might be a bit strong.  Some of the manufacturers offer web pages.  If you are using their gear, you are welcome to subscribe and set up a page.  You become a content provider, they become your host, the monetary transaction is from you to them because you are using their hardware.  At http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/en/fay_andrea_02/#01 , all the photos are above EXIF data showing a Fuji X of some sort was used.  There is probably fine print somewhere that states Fuji is not responsible for content on other sites and even not responsible for content put on their site by others.

Facebook must have some serious storage capacity!  It was reported that they got as many photos in a day as Flickr gets all year!  Don’t know if that’s true.  Even looking at Fresh, at 500px, if you note the top-left photo, then wait a moment and click Refresh, suddenly that photo is at the bottom of the page, or even on the next page.  There is a deluge of photos, posted every minute.

I can’t decide if PPA is a legitimate operation doing good work or are just a cash grab.   That you say: “So far the PPA currently wins the race.”, suggests they are not providing oversight expected of an organization concerned with standards and certification!  Obviously they have some major work to do before they achieve respectability.  As always, caveat emptor!