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This is why I don’t even visit a request in the first place. I’ve seen far far too many “requests” such as this on various forums over the years. Too many of them are simply not legitimate. Either they are beginners stocking up with other people’s work or worse, just plain fake (stocked with other people’s work) trying to pimp goods and services (covertly or not) other than photography. Doesn’t seem fair to legitimate people but you can also usually tell by the initial post if something is “off”. This person’s (if there really is a real photographer behind it) first post was “off”.

Anyway, my forte is not programming but how’s this for a new idea. If someone out there on the internet want to make millions off this idea, feel free. This is the digital age (no kidding eh?). There are a lot of ways to find out if your pic has been misused. I can think of a better one. How about, (sort of along the lines of digimarc but something better),someone start a service where every digital picture you take can be “registered” with a digital signature? Every time it’s posted on the internet somewhere, it “calls home” to the company that has registered it. Then, when someone steal it and posts it, it call’s home and the company requests your “key” to authorize the posting of it. No key, no post. I think all the people out there who know about this stuff will poke holes in it and that’s fine but hey, wouldn’t it be nice?