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We all, as a whole need to start being more vigilant. ¬†So I’m really glad to see you on board ūüôā So many outed thieves on the Photostealers blog have belonged to noted photography associations in the world. ¬†So far the PPA currently wins the race. ¬†One of the latest is sponsored by Fuji. ¬†http://stopstealingphotos.com/fay-andrea-london-england-united-kingdom/#more-5802

How did that happen?! ¬†Why didn’t they look first?! ¬†Just a quick online scan would have revealed that they were stealing from others. ¬†They need to spend a little time vetting their new member applications to be sure they’re on the up and up. ¬†Quality control would be next to impossible in organizations like the PPA, but it wouldn’t take much to deny copyright infringers and ban them from ever being a member of their organization. ¬†(I’ll take the job. ¬†I’d love to send out those rejection letters) I realize that scammy fauxtographer’s money spends well too, but allowing this kind of crap will end up bitting you in the ass, and the problem isn’t shrinking, it’s growing. ¬†I think this happens because photographers think like photographers and attempting to run a business off of other photographer’s hard work, is furthest thing from their minds. ¬†We all have that understanding because we care about what we do, and respect others who do what we do and excel at it. ¬†But, there’s a whole Chuck load of people out there that don’t feel the same. ¬†They don’t think like photographers because they haven’t invested themselves. ¬†They just think it’s an easy way to make a few bucks. ¬†They treat professional photography like its Amway, Avon, pampered chef… or they just think their work is more important than anyone else’s?

We aren’t a forum where a membership is required. ¬†Those that are, need to start screening their new members, and since we aren’t in a position to screen, it’s up to us as commenters to try to put a stop to this behavior. ¬†I think (or at least I hope, because I’ve seen a lot here) we run into more infringement, plagiarism, and general dishonesty than most forums/groups/organizations do, given the general topic of discussion here and the people it attracts.

Hey! ¬†It may not be armed robbery, or murder, and not matter too much in the grand scheme of things, but… A photographer (or should I say someone who claims to be a photographer) who commits copyright infringement, or even purchases stock to market their business… Well it’s the lowest thing any photographer could ever do. ¬†It’s despicable!!

(Jumps off soap box, and quits rambling). I’m preaching to the choir over here lol I know you all get it, ugh! ¬†I just get so angry about it