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Not sure if your site is link bait or what, but I clicked to see your portfolio and saw a generic line of text telling me I can get Zithromax for a discounted price, so I did not even bother to go any further or even look at the images.

If this is a “real” site of yours, you need different hosting or something.  If I were a client, I would not hire you after seeing that.  It’s not offensive but it tells me that you are not serious about your craft.”

Yeah, one time going through some galleries there were advertisments for porn.  Also if you search his email, it’s linked to quite a few spammy sites. And interestingly a handful of “feedback needed for my new wedding photography website” posts in different photography forums.  (Maybe some sort of click farming going on?)




thank you so much for taking the time to take down SOME of the images you stole from others from SOME of your online pages.  If you could please remove ALL images that do not belong to you from ALL your socail media and sites, it would be more than appreciated.  If you really need me to, I can point out all the images that aren’t yours, and contact the original artists so they can send you an invoice, or you can keep your pages nice a quiet, and remove them yourself.  Hint: if you weren’t there and didn’t click the shutter, it is NOT your image and should be removed