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As an amateur I would say… Nice family snap shots 🙂

but, you’re in business so I have to be more critical.  I see lots of under exposure going on, and misuse of light.  You’re not using flash when you should be, and you don’t seem to be using any light modifiers either, and your editing doesn’t try to make up for that loss..  Your photos aren’t horrible, but they aren’t professional either.  To me it looks like photos that could be taken by anyone with a capable camera.  I know you only wanted me to look at your recent albums, but a skimmed through all of them. (Besides, being that you began just last spring, they are all recent anyway). I honestly don’t see a difference between newer and older shots other than your editing is cleaner with a more SOOC feel.

learn flash, learn light modification and how to use light to your advantage, and then work on good directing/posing.  I think learning how to meter would benefit your shots  as well. And pay more attention to those backgrounds!  Lots of trees coming out of people’s heads

I hope I was some help to you, and you get more comments that you can use as well.  Good luck to you