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@Kdub.  Try Meet Up.com, not sure if I had mentioned that one before, disregard if I did.

Model Mayhem, is okay, it’s always a good resource for if you are trying to get some models, HAMU (Hair and Make-up) and/or photographers on the cheap.  There are plenty on there that only work for pay, don’t get me wrong, but just as many that will work for free or next to nothing for the ability to add to their portfolio.  In the case of photographers, it’s not a bad resource to find other photographers near you that maybe need a apprentice or are willing to show you the ropes for “free” labor.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear anything back for the first few times, press on, if you can spare the time.

Youtube is a plethora of information, just search and watch,easy.

Lynda.com is also a good resource for the back-end when learning how to use photoshop, lightroom  or other photo apps.  This is a pay service, but very good information at a reasonable cost.

Obviously there are about 10 billion books about photography, but if your anything like me, I can read a book and get the gist of it, but I pick things up more easily when I see and touch it.

Good LucK!