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You’re welcome.

I haven’t seen the code but have observed some replies containing links just disappear completely, and others display the image until you submit — as you describe.  I suspect the object is to minimize spam.

Railways are a part of all of our lives, even if we just use the products they bring to our town.  This is my most recent photo of tracks, all 14 of them, with 3 trains.  Union Station is covering the tracks, mid photo.


The local “bricks & mortar” photo clubs where people come together face to face all seem to close during the summer.  Operation resumes in September.  I don’t belong to any of them due to scheduling issues.  A couple have closed recently but there are lots of on-line clubs.  Many are free to join, have members from around the world with a wide variety of expertise and interests.   A photographer and graphic artist in Spain has suggested 1x.com is a good site for aspiring photographers because of their critique quality.  If you want something dedicated to shooting models, Model Mayhem has a critique forum:  http://www.modelmayhem.com/t.php?forum_id=8   Going through the portfolios there may give you some posing ideas.  I have an account but have not spent enough time there to know if the comments are pithy, or just fluff.