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Thank you CC. I usually pretty decent with hand-coding, by no means am I a web designer or scriptor but I think I do okay.

The funny thing is when I have done this in the past, in the editor I see the picture as I want it to be, when I select the visual tab, but when I submit it, nothing, not even the link.  Probably due to it not having the open tag and closing tag like <a href> and </a> or <img src=> and </a>.

Usually I have been using Imgur to [try] to post images, I’ll try with Flickr.


Test Image:



ah, it worked.  Thank you CC!

I thought the image was fitting, since we were talking about railroad tracks being cliché, lol


And Kdub, the local groups are a great resource, but depending on how many are available near you, you may have to find one that fits your personality and style.  I belong to 3 local groups, but one of them, to me, is a bit stuffy and pretentious, so don’t fret if the 1st or 2nd one doesn’t fit your groove.