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EyeDoc & CC are dead on!

Many people just toss out the manual for their camera or leave it in the box where it originated.  Mine to, but hear me out.  The reason mine is still in the box is because I carry a pdf version on my phone and I printed a version and keep it in a binder for quick reference.  The manual can be cumbersome and the text can be hard to read, so I enlarged mine to the max size per page and printed it out.

It may sound a little old school, but I know where the info is for my camera at all times.

CC’s info is spot on too.

You should get to know your subjects and try to find what poses are better for their look, even if they are just head shots.  I noticed in some of your poses, the girls face structure looked square.  I look at facial structure as the hairline (forehead), cheek-bones, nose and the chin.  Square looks like a lego, a slight tilt of the head or turn to one side adds perspective and depth.  Lighting can achieve some of this as well but stick to natural lighting for the time being before jumping into the that, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.  Don’t get me wrong, lighting is good, but one should be able to work with natural and ambient lighting before adding more complexity into the mix.

CC’s comment about the railroad being cliché is true, it’s way overdone.  BTW, on that photo, you probably didn’t even notice that you practically nailed a textbook Fibonacci spiral.  The image is okay, but not bad for a newb. [not sure why I still cannot embed a photo like CC can]???

Another tip, if you are really game, maybe join a local group like meet-up if it’s available in your area.  Groups like that have people of all levels that are usually there to help each other out and go together on outings for photo shoots.  They are usually free or cheap, which is also good.
Good Luck and keep shooting.