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Well, either you’re a newbie or an aspiring photog, but an aspiring newbie? Isn’t that a little like being a fledgeling infant?  🙂

You’re shooting and willing to let others see your work. That’s a great start.

Some things to remember

1. read the manual of your camera! It sounds cliche, but believe me there is a wealth of information there from which to learn.

2. there are a plenitude of youtube videos you can watch to get the idea of “photography basics” and how to practice them. Start with the exposure triangle and move from there.

3. Practice, practice and more practice. Know your equipment inside and out.

4. Shoot various subject matter. You may find comfort in portraits at golden hour, but try to some still life also, or action shots, or group photos, and at varying times of day and seasons. You may find a technique that assists you in one area is less useful in another, or perhaps the reverse.