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Ok I’m back.  Another thing that bothers me, is you at first seem to encourage the cd for printing as they wish, and then later you discourage printing.

It’s confusing.  And the prices are like you are competing with yourself.  Do you want to provide prints for your clients, or do you want them to take it on?  What is your goal?  What do you need them to spend per session and on products to meet what you need in profit per gig?  you’re for sure having a pricing /business model problem.  And even though you put prices up so there is less confusion for your clients, I bet they are still asking a ton of questions. Or even passing you up, because they don’t quite get it.  If I’m wrong, or you feel I over stepped on this, I understand.  But if you need a wall to bounce off of on this subject.  I’m here if you want me, but I do have to say I am not a pro.  I’ve just been studying the business side of things pretty intensely for myown future   benefit, in case I ever change my mind and go for it.