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I agree with camera clicker.  That shot needs to be removed. Oops!

I find that you seem to do better more consistent work in studio, than you do with your outdoor shots.  Your location photography is inconsistent  with both  editing, and lighting.  I think the problems/inconsistencies I see with your editing, are more due to “fixing” lighting though.   I think you need to work on how to better use natural light.  Do you have/use any modifiers?  Have you thought about learning off camera flash so you have more versatility and control?

Way too much information on your about, and where you say  something like “unlike most photographers I have one price for the session and the images” well… It just made me think “ewww fauxtogish” they all have one price that includes a disc too.  You want to separate yourself from them as much as possible.  If they do it, you don’t.


With all that said.  You are not a fauxtographer and I enjoyed going through your images, and I hope I helped you some