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Heather, you have to understand too, WHY photographers used railroad tracks in photos, and why amateurs and people still learning still shoot them to this day.  It’s all for good leading lines in an image, and to learn how they work to enhance a photo.  They are easy to find, set up in camera, and shoot, so they will always be a quick “go to” when learning or when you just need a quick easy shot location.  thats why photographers are bored with it and say its cliche.  because its over done and over used, and has been seen more than unseen.  but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn from shooting them.  The way you are shooting on the tracks doesn’t accomplish good leading lines, and doesn’t add to or enhance your images in any way.  Look up “shooting on train tracks for leading lines”, and then move on from there.  I think this will help you to understand good composition, where the idea came from, and inspire you to experiment with it and see how it all works.  I bet with a little time and a better understanding you will find leading lines everywhere and come up with some great new locations to shoot.