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They have a real web page.  It says:

Clive Figes is an International award winning Photographer, well known for his portrait work
and his work with agencies and fashion magazines.
With over 40 years experience in photography
he is also well grounded in Weddings, Events, and commercial advertising work, Clive
is a qualified Member of the Royal Photographic Society,
The society of Wedding and portrait Photographers,
and The British Association of Professional Photographers.
His social photography covers, Weddings, family portrait’s, individual portraits,
Bump to One maternity images, and
the testing, and submitting would be models to model agencies, which he deals with, then when the model is signed up producing a commercial portfolio.
Commercial work he has a sound knowledge of advertising imagery that quickly gets a return on the investment of using him as a photographer.
He gives you Big City quality at local high street prices.

Perhaps FB is where he puts a bunch of trial stuff he is just messing around with?  There are some duds but there are also many quite good photos.  Since it is a commercial endeavour, perhaps there are multiple photographers?  The last gallery I put up was mostly my photos but it also included some photos from four other photographers, two of which hardly ever hold a camera.