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Mrs Woo

I think that it is because he doesn’t want me to have the stress of having obligations scheduled ahead of time and having worse symptoms make me have to reschedule or cancel (I am the church’s main musician and they have to sing a capella at least once a month).  On the not charging thing – he volunteers me for shoots for people who can’t afford a photographer.  He is a snapshot photographer and doesn’t understand the fuss I make over composition and light.  It drives me crazy.  He likes to go on photo safaris… at noon.  On a really sunny day.  Then he will only take pictures of whatever he can see from the passenger side of the car.  SMH

So he isn’t much of a judge of pictures.  He does like some of my better stuff, yes, but is someone who would find many fauxtographer images to be more than acceptable as long as they were in focus and the exposure wasn’t too far off.

It isn’t his lack of value for me, though, it is more his heart for everyone else.  I seem to give away at least one graduation shoot a year.  That certainly isn’t a whole lot of work to commit to, at least.

My whole hope is actually to get submissions approved for microstock and make some extra money that way.  That way it doesn’t matter if I only take pictures on my good days (hard to find models that flexible though).  🙂