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@Alarnold:  That hotel offers a nice background.  I would shoot it just to have it available as a replacement background!   So you put her in front of the background and managed the shadows.  Equal points.  Still an excellent photo.


:  An interesting observation.  We have been on a couple of cruises and I thought what I saw of the cruise ships photographer’s work looked pretty good for what they are doing.  But on dress up for dinner night they set up photo booths and try to get passengers to stand for a photo while they are dressed for dinner.  They are standard poses reminiscent of prom poses.  Cruise ship photography is a study in repetition.  Everyone has a photo when they get on, then there is a photo or two at dinner, the occasional photo for the daily news reel and their studio shots.  They take thousands of photos every cruise, but there is not much range.