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Mrs Woo

Well, a lot of photographers start out with a camera and a belief that they are better photographers than they are (or that they are ‘good enough’ and ‘will keep working’) – some start charging earlier in their experience than others.

Today I posted on my FB (it isn’t really a joke, actually), that I apparently am allowed to do portrait photography (have been talking to hubby repeatedly about doing some part-time photography to help support my equipment habit, and he tells me I am not healthy enough for that), but I am only allowed to do it for special reasons, and am never allowed to charge for it (when we find people who are in desperate straits, we often do many things to help them; a family friend is disabled and poor and every graduation photography package he has been quoted is over $400; people who are paid to help him at his house actually showed up one night to pay for his son’s cap and gown for him).  Though hubby will not let me do photography to earn money, he has no problem volunteering my services or having me volunteer them for someone who cannot get portraiture done otherwise.

Of course, that’s a once or twice a year commitment vs. trying to maybe do photography a few times a week.

Back to the awards – we could even organize and give each other awards and advertising you are an ‘award-winning photographer’ is not a lie.  It’s misleading, but it’s not a lie.  It’s sad the way people do that, you know?  The whole “if it’s legal, who cares if it isn’t ethical?” thing… 🙁