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Whaaaaat?! We can pay for pretend awards now? LOL.

I actually have won awards on my photography, but it was just at my county fair. Honestly, some of the competition isn’t even competition, just snapshots of cows, barns, potted flowers, and people’s kids. We’ve had judges in the past who didn’t even know a snapshot from an artistic photograph and gave this same over-saturated, straight-on, out-of-focus cow photo several awards because “it was just a really cool photo.” (I was almost pulling out my hair). I have had a handful of images sent to the state fair though, so I think that counts for something.

Speaking of my county fair, there’s a woman who enters her photos every year. She’s not terrible, but most of her photos are snapshot-y, mostly of her daughters. She knows she’s no pro but really enjoys photography, and she loves my work. Well, this girl I work with had asked me to shoot her wedding but it’s the weekend between me being in a wedding and shooting another, so I declined because I knew I’d be too busy. I gave her some suggestions on different photogs and she told me the other day that this woman is doing it… don’t get me wrong, she’s a great, nice lady, but I can tell you she is NOT equipped to shoot a wedding. I didn’t say anything but that I knew her and she’s really nice. I’m afraid she’ll be in fauxtog status.