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Shelby, Photoshop Elements is actually only $60.  http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-65193986-Photoshop-Elements-11/dp/B0093FROMA/ref=sr_1_1_ha?ie=UTF8&qid=1367785921&sr=8-1&keywords=photoshop+elements+11

As for people being immature – that does not apply to anyone in this thread.  Maybe yes to some others on the photo’s posting, but not here, where you are now addressing people.  Also, none of us have the permission to take down your photo, nor did we post it.

Might I suggest you stop with all filters and extra editing to pictures.  Until you can get them right “au naturale” anything you do to them is just going to make them look like crap.


iliketag – that’s pretty pathetic.  I mean, if you’re advertising your photography in a situation like that, people are going to want to SEE it.  I always find that the ones that brag the most about their equipment are either fauxtogs or photogs who are a*******.


In other news, the other day I came across the FB page of the woman who did my sister’s wedding photos.  I was in the wedding so I couldn’t do it and I found this woman online and hired her.  She did a really good job on the photos and we were happy with them.  Two years later, she did the wedding of an acquaintance of mine and they were not happy.  They’d asked if I could maybe clean some of the images up but never got back to me about it later.  I think they were largely unhappy with the huge shadows on the wall behind them.  I’d been at the wedding and thought it was strange how she was shooting at that time, I couldn’t remember if she’d done my sister’s wedding the same way.  Anyway, now it’s over 3 years after that and I find that she’s been through a name change and I swear, things on her FB page and website have horrified me.  Is it possible to get worse after you’ve been in business for 5 years!?


And, at Rizzo… ACK ANOTHER one from my hometown area.  Makes me want to cry!