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Mrs Woo

A friend of mine announced her photography studio after going to BestBuy with her budget and being sold a Canon ELPH and being told it was an amazing camera, etc. etc.  I think she was editing with Picmonkey?

I have been so torn.  Worse, it was an eye-opener – people gush about her photography (then again, she also posts pictures of places she has never been and raves over the place without telling anyone it isn’t her picture) and even ask about buying prints.  It makes me think that I probably should hang things up – maybe the reactions to my photography are equally … friendly.

You can get great images with a point and shoot camera, even without being able to deal with too many settings, if you get to know it well enough.  However, I could never stand my inability to pick my own focus point with my point and shoot cameras – it would drive me crazy for close-up work (couldn’t really call that real macro).  I used SLR cameras in the 80s but didn’t ever want to spend the money to get a DSLR when I was a single mom.  After I remarried my husband got me a DSLR one year for Christmas.

One of these days I might even be good enough to try to become a fauxtographer…  Or not.