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They haven’t heard of white balance or shooting in RAW. lol.

And those Barbie faces… super smoothed skin and super sparkly eyes… makes women look like aliens! Faces should have some texture, and blemishes can still be removed while retaining natural texture. Fauxs just have no clue how to do it. One of the photos linked to this thread had that freaky smoothing done to it.

Ugh, Behind My Lens by Tammy is a train wreck! I don’t get it, do they think editing consists of sliding the saturation and contrast sliders to 80%? She is clearly using a point-and-shoot. I’ll never understand how these people are taking extremely blurry photos (and in daylight) with their point-and-shoots though, since most of the time depending on the settings it’ll set it’s shutter speed automatically to be fast enough. To be honest, I can take some decent photos with my point-and-shoot on the “program” setting! And my old point-and-shoot (Canon PowerShot A510) you could actually “manually” control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to mimic the settings on a DSLR and I was able to get some actually decent photos on that one (not really portraits though) albeit it being 3 megapixels! Even if I tried to take a bad photo, it wouldn’t be as bad as some of these “professionals” are showing. It just makes me want to knock my head on a wall to understand this.