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@Craig, that Amie girl’s photos are all snapshots that look to be taken with a phone, no joke! She has been advertising on a local buy/sell page. She recently started a “contest” where if you send people to her page and they “like” the page, whomever sends the most referrals gets a free photo session. It’s the dumbest way to get fake likes and all the fauxtogs seem to do it!

And You Nique Photo… horrible! And they have these ads for their boudoir sessions that clearly are using someone else’s image of women for the example.

, the links to the two middle photos no longer work. Either you have to be their friend to see it or the person took down the photos. And that children’s photoshoot link, omg, prime example of how you can be shooting with top-notch equipment (as they posted that they used a 5D Mark III) and still produce utter crap!