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Mrs Woo

I tend to agree with Browneyedgirl quite a bit – on the last one there’s a ton of select color and faddish posing.  Then again, it could be faddish posing is everywhere and some assume everyone wants it.  Sometimes (to this old lady, at least) it seems like some of  the stuff around here lapses into the “isn’t my competition terrible?” rather than truly bad photography (then there’s that picture of the little girl that someone shared that still haunts my retinas – PhotoShop should require examinations and license before use!).

I was jealous of the one photographer – they have had access to some absolutely beautiful sites to do their work, and they used it to their advantage.  Whenever someone attempts to tell me my images are amazing, I look at my pictures and think to myself, “It’s rural farm land in the Midwest – how exciting is that?”