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@AD Yeah, those are horrible photos. They are really underexposed and most look out-of-focus. The person doesn’t look like they know how to even use their equipment. As far as Amie Elizabeth, her photos all look like snapshots. She actually took down the entire wedding album she had. They were all blurry, and probably the worst wedding album I’ve even seen. The caption on the album read “Sorry for all the blurry photos. In need of a better camera.” Well duh- why are you advertising yourself as a business if you can’t take a clear photo? It’s terrible. She looks like a nice girl, but something has to be wrong if she (and her mother, who’s been promoting her) believe it’s good or marketable work.

I disagree with you (partially) on the mini session thing. Lots of great pros around me do them, especially around holidays. They’ll offer by appointment, 10 or so time slots at about a half-hour each for a smaller price and each client gets 5-10 edited images. The woman I used to work for did that every spring and fall and it was a hit. Some people, especially those who like to get photos of their kids done yearly, love that option. Some people just want some updated photos for their wall or for Christmas cards. It’s a really great marketing tool. I personally have not done the sessions in the park kind, but I have done similar mini sessions to market to the same demographic. There are those who can’t afford a whole session but still take pride in getting some good photos done, even if it’s just a few. But I do charge a lot more than $30 still. That’s just too cheap.

For God’s sake, if anyone has to comment and ask what this object is, and then go back and say “awesome pic” there is a huge problem!