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Like I said, I haven’t even noticed any of your posts to have a bunch of errors (If you hadn’t said anything, I would have never guessed). It is good you have people proofread contracts, as even little errors can *potentially* spell trouble if anything legal ever came out of it (heaven forbid). I was speaking more about Ashley Adey’s page and Bekka Gene’s page. Both look like they typed something, then a meteor fell outside their window and completely distracted them, then they went back to typing and started somewhere completely different. Or their cat walked on their keyboard. Or like someone pointed out putting “maturity photos” instead of “maternity photos” which are in essence, almost opposites. (That is however an example where spellcheck or grammar check would miss it). My ex was severely dyslexic so I got to understand his terrible spelling. It made him very self-conscious. I can’t really speak for learning disabilities though I’ve known many people with them, but in some cases it might be helpful to re-read something to make sure it looks right. I’ve always had grammar, spelling, and reading as my strongest points, but don’t expect me to rattle off an entire multiplication table without thinking about it like some 8th-graders can do!

Found another photo. Here, let’s stick our camera 2 inches away from a pretty flower and post it on the ‘net.