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To Quote Browneyed a little:  “That was from years ago, while I was still in college. Actually I’m pretty mad that site is still live, as I thought I completely canceled and deleted it. …But really, the types of photos there, for tha majority, are not portraits except some practice shots. It was a portfolio online, not portrayed as a professional website…. Yes I did put the line about price but the intention was to eventually make it into a business site, but never eded up using it as such. The only “client” was my friend and that shoot was entirely free of charge. The site isn’t good, and hasn’t been touched since those last few photos were posted there. It does after all say “asiring photographer.” It was an attempt at portfolio-building. I really thought I had deleted the site a long time ago. It’s not, to my knowledge at least, even linked anywhere to me.”

In a word: AWESOME.  I wasn’t going to post anymore on this site, since I felt I made my point, but I couldn’t help it after reading the stuff proving that browneyedgirl started out just like all the people she talks crap about!  Just a few points, then I’m outta here..

1) Just because you thought you deleted it does not mean you are not guilty of being a “fauxtog”.

2) If your site said “contact for pricing” it doesn’t matter that you made no money, you’re still a Fauxtog.  At least other Fauxtogs made money, why couldn’t you?

3) Did you try to contact any of the “aspiring” photographers you mentioned in this forum to make sure that they didn’t “accidentally” appear as a professional site?  Maybe they didn’t intend for it to be a professional site either.  Maybe they just meant for it to be a portfolio site?  Ever think of that? 

Alright, I’m done browneyed bashing, although maybe she could change her name to black-eyed-girl? Or can’t-see-the-splinter-in-your-eye-because-of-the-log-in-mine-girl?  Just a thought.