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I come here for one thing: for a more varied viewpoint on photography. Let’s all face it – our family, our friends, and our clients (paying clients or no) are not likely to give us truly honest feedback if they do not like our photos. Why? They are emotionally invested in us, and/or they are emotionally invested in the subject. I look over some photos I took of my baby niece and though everything about them would make the people on these forums scream in horror, I love the photos because they’re of my niece. Technically, I know they’re not sound, but I keep them because of who they’re of and the memories they capture. Still, because of my evolution in my learning and the contributions of others on this site and numerous others, I can better spot what is good and what is not. I am thankful for that.

That is why feedback from others, without that emotional investment, can be invaluable. It can hurt, but there’s no fawning Like! thumbs up thrown your way from people placed outside of your immediate circle of supporters. I value this, and I cheer on any other tog who can swallow some criticism humbly without firing back with insults, lawsuit threats, suicide threats and so on.

Oops. I meant to just post and say I miss the original purpose of this thread. However, it was starting to devolve from serious fauxtography to more subjective critiques. Ah well, there’s more forums to peruse.