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And @saljel- get an eye exam, please. “You are no better than the links you have been posting here.” BAHAHA. I’m certainly not stupid.

The debate will always be up about a camera body being more/less capable than another and more/less professional than another. I do agree that the lens and HOW you use any equipment will far surpass what body it’s on, unless it’s a truly crappy camera. I also agree that a higher-end body typically is a lot more capable and faster for certain situations, and I would feel very unprepared using a Rebel or similar body at a wedding that was in a dimly-lit church. Most average joes will not see a Rebel and say “Omg, that person is totally a fauxtographer!” but if there were any wedding guests who were also seasoned photogs, they may think that. In the end though, who really cares what they think, as long as you are delivering professional results? Rebel or 1Dx or somewhere in between.

Yeah I also defended some of those photogs people had linked here that really were photogs who just had a few not-so-great shots. I guess before I posted any I did I looked through their albums trying to find at least a few good shots. If they were consistently horrible they made my cut for fauxtog. The point of this thread was not random harsh critiques or bashing. It was simply pointing out fauxtogs whose work was, in many cases, much worse than stuff that ends up being featured on this site.