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I do not disagree with the Rebel being a capable body, much like the D40/D3000 is a capable line.  I started on a D40 as my first dSLR and still shoot with it on occasion when I do not have/want to carry a bigger body.  I just didn’t want anybody to assume that grabbing a Rebel means “OMG I’m a wedding photog now!” because while it can be good in the same way a D40 can be good, it will not get as good a quality of shot as somebody shooting with a full-frame sensor or (much more importantly) good glass.  Be prepared as they say in scouting.

As to don’t care let me just say, I don’t think she is a fauxtographer so I don’t think I’m being a hypocrite in defending her.  Just like earlier in this thread (back before it went on the BEG tangent from Hell) when some folks posted up some “faux”togs and I disagreed with them.  I have said before and will say again, if you have to cherry pick somebody’s album and only p0int to their oldest photos and 1-2 shots out of a whole album more recently, then they are NOT a faux.  If they are showing growth and development, then they are probably working their way out of being a fauxtog if they have not already.  Don’t be super critical because they “stole” business from you or you fancy yourself to be better than them but have some made up excuse why they get all the business instead.  I defended Misty & Jennifer Nolan as well, so I definitely don’t feel like a hypocrite.  I truly abhor work like that Cathleen and Rebecca Lange Photography as they seem to have gotten a camera and learned nothing about it but hung out a shingle on FB and BOOM they are open for business, even if that business looks mostly like #2.  My three personal hatreds that scream “Fauxtog!!” to me are 1) technical ineptitude, lack of compositional awareness and horrible editing.  I do not think any of her stuff obviously fell into any of this.

Meanwhile who is the frequent poster who can’t stand behind their word and half the thread is full of their posts and subsequent deletions?  Oh yea, thats right dont.care obviously does care.  Seems hypocritical to me how you will post all sorts of things and then blow pages of it away.  Takes one to know one?

But you are right, in general I would not just do that for any random person that calls me up, although I have made exceptions as late as a few months ago.  But unless you want to run around 24/7 making $20 a shoot, you are always going to have somebody that will undercut you on price, but will likely under-deliver on quality as well.  You just have to accept that and hope that people someday realize they are getting sub-par photos and an unremarkable experience for a relatively minor savings in cost.  I would rather have three exceptional photoshoots than eight that are boring or even worse, just bad.