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Now to the person earlier saying you could even do weddings with a Rebel, please don’t actually bother to do wedding photography and roll up with that, or you WILL get laughed at.  You might be able to do your cousins wedding in her backyard on a sunny day with a Rebel, but the first time you go up to an ill-lit church and the preacher says “We do not allow flash photography in the building” you will be shitting your pants.

Pretty sure you are referring to my comment.  The point I was trying to make is that a Rebel body, while being the low end of Canon’s dSLR line, is actually pretty capable.  It also comes in two flavours for each release, T2 and T2i, for instance.  The “i” seems to deliver a lot of extra performance.  In any case, for years we managed with film… By today’s standards film is not fast.   More recently, in January 2008, I got my shiny new 1Ds Mk III body — Canon’s flagship body!  How fast is it?  Well, ISO can be set all the way up to 3200.  My Rebel T2i can be set all the way up to 12,800, but I wouldn’t go beyond 6400 for most uses and would try to use 3200 or even 1600 for the sake of a really clean shot.   Those are the same ISO numbers I would use with a “pro” body.  The areas where a 1D or 5d excel over the Rebel are durability, focusing and metering.  As I said in the other post, for about the same noise, a 5D Mk III is perhaps a stop better and a 1Dx is about 2 stops better.  The sensitivity of a new Rebel will outperform older but more expensive bodies.  If you have access to good lenses, a Rebel will deliver, even in a dimly lit church.  The real benefit to using a bigger body is the perception of spectators.