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@AD, yikes, they’re using actions to try to cover up for their lack of technical skill. Actions should enhance or help with your workflow, not take over the photos! And those poor newborns. Bright flash in their faces- wouldn’t that hurt their little underdeveloped eyes?

@Sarah, even if you’re not good at spelling or grammar, there is always spellcheck on most internet browsers or Word. Word also has grammar check. If you’re unsure and you want to post something on a business page per say, write it in Word first and then copy/paste. The occasional mistake is not what I’m talking about. It happens to everyone. It’s the blatent, haphazard, sentence fragments and misspellings that make you have to re-read everything. If it is really THAT bad, one should have a friend look it over first. Learning disabilities and dyslexia are understandable (if that is the case), but it’s just a fact that you won’t be taken very seriously in a business sense if you consistently post things with terrible spelling or grammar. And from your writings here, I personally haven’t noticed anything really that terrible!

Here’s another GREAT image. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=585024221511287&set=a.208006282546418.60832.197903103556736&type=1&theater