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Well for what it’s worth, i never went on random searches for bad photographers. Any I ever linked here were ones I came across either by seeing their photos pop up on my newsfeed or by links posted originally by others. I mean come on, no one sits at their computer and says “I’m so bored, why don’t I just type in random words in the search bar and find bad photographers.” And to sal- no, I was not lying. Sorry YOU were wrong. I was not charging for services, but I was planning on getting to that point and had intended that site to eventually become a business site. I really don’t care people found it but do find it quite hypocritical that someone did make quite the effort to search out any evidence of me being a “fauxtog.” Guess that’s what happpens when you post things publicly. Some of the peple here need to get a life, stop picking apart every little word someone says like a match to paper.