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Alright ladies and bitches, I’m back.  I didn’t know that middle school kicked in on the weekends while some of us were out doing work, shooting gigs, and having lives, but it seems like a bunch of catty cunts roll up in here and act like BEG pissed in your cornflakes.  Funny how some of you are pointing out that she posts a lot on here and must not have a life or should spend that time out doing photography when you people are doing the exact same thing, spending all your time around here stalking one person.  Most of ya’ll are the pot calling the fucking kettle black.

My opinion on the shit slinging going down in here.  First off professional classes versus learning on your own.  Both are a viable path to being a photographer.  One of the guys that I worked with picked it all up by learning on the job.  A couple others went through a photography degree program at a university.  I’m doing both, started off picking it up from my father and grandfather, then branched out into classes, photo clubs, interning with a pro, and also reading all that I can on the subject.  No way is necessarily better or worse.

As for Roxanne and her photos and websites.  My question, what is really that awful with even that Wix site?  Are the shots horribly over or underexposed?  Is her composition terrible?  Its not great and nothing is really compelling about the site, but nothing also screams out fauxtog to me.  Technically the shots are all in focus, exposed in a mostly appropriate manner, and not destroyed by awful editing.  As to her main site and the comments about her using a Rebel, who cares what body it is as long as you get a high quality shot?  Does the data also tell you what glass is attached to the body?  I have some really good shots with my D40 before using some shitty lenses and some using my much better glass.  That doesn’t mean it is my main camera, but if I ever pull out that camera, I don’t instantly turn into a damn fauxtog, I just have to know the limitations of that camera versus my higher end bodies.  I previously posted a fauxtographer who has horribly blurry and unfocused shots and lo and behold she was using a Nikon D3!  Meanwhile I know another guy whose parents got him a D2 when he was in HS.  He went to school for photography and now works for a local TV station doing sports photography for their website.  So the gear doesn’t make the photographer, the knowledge to use your equipment properly makes you a good photographer.

Now to the person earlier saying you could even do weddings with a Rebel, please don’t actually bother to do wedding photography and roll up with that, or you WILL get laughed at.  You might be able to do your cousins wedding in her backyard on a sunny day with a Rebel, but the first time you go up to an ill-lit church and the preacher says “We do not allow flash photography in the building” you will be shitting your pants.  I have seen that happen to a family member and her photos during the wedding are TERRIBLE because the photographer was not prepared (and I was in the wedding so I was unable to help).  The photographer was good when she had proper lighting, and has some nice external shots and posed shots after the wedding ceremony when she could use her flashes indoors and available natural lighting, but she didn’t have any fast telephoto glass to compensate for the crappy low light and her camera (I do not know which one it was as I am a Nikon guy) had terrible image quality at higher ISO.  Combine that with no monopod or tripod and you have a recipe for blurry shots.  So while in some situations you can shoot a wedding with lower level gear, make sure you have the necessary gear (or access to it) for even tough situations like that before you put out a wedding photographer shingle.  Otherwise it is a recipe for disaster without proper planning (like say doing a tour of the venue with the client BEFORE the day of the wedding).

So to conclude, can we please wrap up the bash party on each other in here?  I’m tired of seeing others bash one person that has good enough shots to show she understands how to use her camera, editing software and a decent eye and trying to compare her to your shitty friends who we originally pointed out have no business trying to run a photography business as their current skill level.  I would like to get the discussion back to what this thread was truly about, showing off really bad photographers who are often being deluded by friends and family into thinking they are turning out a product that people should pay for, when to anybody with a knowledgeable eye, they are far from it.