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Yes I did put the line about price but the intention was to eventually make it into a business site, but never eded up using it as such. The only “client” was my friend and that shoot was entirely free of charge. The site isn’t good, and hasn’t been touched since those last few photos were posted there. It does after all say “asiring photographer.” It was an attempt at portfolio-building. I really thought I had deleted the site a long time ago. It’s not, to my knowledge at least, even linked anywhere to me. Did you find it by googling my name?

Dontcare, I don’t mean ill at all about education. I do know self-taught photogs but there can easily be things missed when it’s not in a classroom setting. It probably took a lot more self-discipline to get good while not having expectations in a class. For me, my college classes were very helpful, or I could have gotten myself stuck in just taking pictures without really knowing how a camera works.