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Brown Eyed Girl I believe you were talking to me when you referred to the college professor. Please listen carefully because this is the last time I will respond in this post.  I was very respectful to you and gave you honest/accurate critiques on your photographs. I did not take personal jabs at you like others.  Based on my experience and knowledge I told you what you are doing wrong from an art and business perspective. And I also gave you solutions to the problems that you are having.  Your reaction to my constructive criticism is appalling.  I really felt bad for you when I began reading all of the posts about your attitude and I thought some were going way overboard. Sadly I can see that they are right. You are unable to take criticism in a gracious manner. You do make excuses for your shortcomings instead of creating solutions to better your art. I have many students who start off just like you and rarely to they make it. I am deeply saddened by this as well because you have a lot of talent and ambition it seems. It is a shame that you are going to waste it on a piss poor attitude.

Also to anyone else reading this please don’t stop growing as an artist or human being. It is a sad state when you get to the point that you cannot improve. Good luck to you B.E.G